Wilds of Eldraine Limited Tier List 2024

Calling all Limited enthusiasts and Throne of Eldraine adventurers! Are you ready to refine your deckbuilding and dominate the fantastical realm of Eldraine? Then buckle up, because this blog is your one-stop guide to a powerful Wilds of Eldraine Limited tier list.

Whether you’re a seasoned drafter or just starting your journey, this tier list will equip you with the knowledge to make informed picks and construct winning decks. We’ll break down the best cards in each color combination, highlighting the “bombs” that can single-handedly win games, the workhorse “role-players” that keep your deck humming, and everything in between.

But a tier list is just the beginning! We’ll also delve into the nuances of each color archetype, providing insights into their strengths, weaknesses, and key synergies. So, get ready to explore the wilds, discover hidden treasures, and emerge victorious from your next Eldraine Limited draft!

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Wilds of Eldraine Limited Tier List 2024

This is a general tier list and specific card value can vary depending on the draft pool.

ColorRankCard NameArchetype Synergy
WhiteBombThe Royal ScruffyAggro, Midrange
WhiteMythic RareOko, the TricksterControl, Tempo
WhiteRareYou See a Guard ApproachAggro, Midrange
WhiteUncommonHopeful VigilAggro, Midrange
BlueBombBrazen BorrowerTempo, Control
BlueRareInto the StoryControl, Mill
BlueRareFaerie SwarmmasterFaeries
BlueUncommonOptAll Strategies
GreenBomb[[Once Upon a Time]]Ramp, Value
GreenRare [[Nissa, Who Shakes the World]]Ramp, Midrange
GreenRare[[金の卵, 金色の軍勢] (Golden Egg, Gilded Goose)]Ramp, Midrange
GreenUncommon [[Wild Growth]]Ramp, Value
RedBomb[[Embercleave]]Aggro, Midrange
RedRare [[Fervent Kaye]]Aggro, Burn
RedRare [[Robber of the Rich]]Aggro, Tempo
RedUncommon [[Shock]]All Strategies
BlackBomb [[Knight of Nightmare]]Aggro, Midrange
BlackRare [[Murderous Rider]]Removal, Tempo
BlackRare [[The Raven Man]]Discard, Midrange
BlackUncommon [[Cast Down]]Removal

Wilds of Eldraine Limited Tier List FAQ:

Conquering Eldraine requires cunning deckbuilding, and our Wilds of Eldraine Limited Tier List is here to help! But before you dive in, here are some FAQs to address any questions you might have:

1. What does the tier list tell me?

The tier list ranks cards in Wilds of Eldraine based on their effectiveness in Limited formats like Draft and Sealed. It categorizes cards into tiers (S, A, B, C) with S being the most powerful and impactful.

2. Should I only pick the highest-ranked cards?

Not always! While S-tier cards are powerhouses, consider your deck’s overall strategy. A high-ranked card might not fit well if it clashes with your color combination or archetype.

3. What are “Archetypes” mentioned in the list?

Archetypes are common deck themes in Eldraine Limited, like aggressive “Red Aggro” or “Blue Faeries” that focus on flying creatures. The tier list might mention a card’s synergy with specific archetypes.

4. The list mentions “Bomb” and “Role-player” cards. What’s the difference?

  • Bombs: These are high-powered, game-winning cards like “The Royal Scruffy” or “Embercleave.” They can single-handedly turn the tide of battle.
  • Role-players: These are solid, consistent cards that fulfill a specific role in your deck. Think removal spells like “Cast Down” or creatures that buff your team like “Hopeful Vigil.”

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